Vintage Pillowcases from the Collection of Sandy Hunter
Vintage Pillow Cases
Lightweight linen pair with blue embroidery and cutwork - VPC2
White cotton with yellow applique - pair
Red and Blue Embroidered Cotton
Vintage Pillow Cases

Vintage Pillow Cases

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Vintage Pillowcases are a classic for the collector. They come in such a variety of designs and colors. They are also a variety of sizes because the pillows were homemade as well. Look through them all, from fun, whimsical to the elegant, you are sure to find something special.

1) Midweight linen with blue embroidery and cut-work pillowcases.  Size: 20x33
Pair - $65
2) Lightweight linen with blue embroidery and cut-work pillowcases.  Size: 20.75x33.50 Pair - $65
3) White Cotton with Yellow Applique pillowcases.  Size: 21.25x33.50, Pair - $65
4) Red and Blue Embroidered Cotton pillowcases.  Size 20-7/8x29, Pair $45
5) Vintage Cotton pillowcases with crochet borders.  Size: 21x31.50, Pair $55