August 2020

After years of writing books and designing patterns, Material Luxury, my first store, opened in downtown Hendersonville, NC in 1985. The space had been an old shoe repair shop, so there were lots of cleaning up, sanding floors, and painting. Then it was filled with bolts of beautiful imported fabrics, lace and frilly bonnets, buntings, and bishops!
Hand sewing lessons were great fun and included men and young children. It is important to keep the art of hand sewing alive. In our hurried world, it is peaceful and satisfying to sit down with a piece of needlework.
Custom clothing was the main thing. I traveled all over the southeast doing "trunk shows" and taking orders. There was a choice of bodice, sleeves, collars, and fabric. When you think of smocking, frilly little dresses come to mind, but boy's clothes were just as popular, if not more in demand than girl's clothing. On return, we would begin cutting and sewing and then do it all again.
As the years rolled on, Material Luxury changed locations. We are now on Rainbow Row, in the heart of our little Village of Flat Rock. I am down there most every day but operate by appointment. Don't hesitate to email me at:, or call 828-693-8407 to set up and appointment. I would love to meet you.
Out of this great love, I have a museum-quality collection of beautiful fabric, lace, buttons, and ribbons. Over the span of time, I  hope to share it with the world and use my website as a vehicle to do that.
It is fun to hear the stories that you, out there, have to share. Many of you smock or do some type of hand sewing. But is not you, your mother or someone in your life did. Even men love to come to the shop and tell about the beautiful work their mother did. So. please feel free to share your personal experience with us.