July 2019

Welcome to my new website!  I am excited to launch this fresh and updated endeavor.  I envision selling Sandy Hunter products that I have created over the years and have become famous & recognized for in the world of smocking.  DId you know that I was one of the original four women who started SAGA (Smocking Arts Guild of America)?  I'll share more about this in future blogs.

I still have a store in Flat Rock, North Carolina full of smocking patterns, clothes and need I say more (below)?

Greenville Hwy, Historic Flat Rock, NC

I am most excited about the other arm of my business - Material Luxury.  I have gathered over the years the most luxurious fabrics, table linens, antique lace & buttons, clothing, baby items.  I have thoroughly enjoyed collecting and amassing these beautiful objects and want to share them with others who also appreciate the finer things in life.  Be on the lookout for collections popping up on this site.  I have included a sneak preview below.