About Sandy Hunter

For as long as I can remember, I have loved handling beautiful fabrics. As a child, I would sit at the ironing board and iron sheets, shirts, handkerchiefs, and even my father’s boxer shorts! Even though I never learned to make lace, I sure tried everything else. My interests finally focused on the world of embroidery, especially smocking. Even though I had two boys, I took it up and began teaching at our local community college and making custom clothing for customers. There was little information on smocking available, so I compiled all my notes from years of teaching and wrote my first book English Smocking Step by Step, the one with the yellow gingham cover, in 1978. After that, a group of us got together and founded the Smocking Arts Guild of America. I was Vice-President in 1980 and President the next year. I traveled all over the United States, teaching and selling my books and patterns at seminars and markets. The clothing became a big part of the business with an emphasis on Cotillion clothing for Palm Beach and Charleston, as well as a special occasion, back to school and play clothes.

Today, I am preparing to publish these wonderful patterns that have stood the test of time. We have learned to fit any child, even handmade dolls, and can provide an infinite wardrobe for the home sewer.

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