Slow Stitching

What a fun name to describe something that we have probably been doing all along, but now it has a name! It is like “doodling”, but on fabric. A collage emerges from your own creative inspiration, requiring no pattern or set way of starting or ending. No right or wrong about it, these “works of art” are used for scrapbooking, picture frames, junk journals, pillow covers, wall hangings, needle cases, greeting cards, bookmarks, etc. etc. etc.

Bits and pieces, snips and scraps, end cuts, odd cuts of different widths and lengths of fabric and trims come together. Expect time worn spots and age related imperfections with vintage items, just part of the charm. It is a little like quilting in that everything is used and nothing is wasted.

In our very fast paced, technical world, this is a relaxing “mindless” exercise. Give it a try.